Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Top 5 UFO stories of 2008

From: "EXOPOLITICS.COM" (photo from NASA)

Discovery of life on Mars by Andrew D. Basiago chosen #1 UFO story of 2008

Alfred Lambremont Webre
Seattle Exopolitics Examiner

MARS: Andrew D. Basiago

The discovery of life on Mars by Andrew D. Basiago has been chosen as the #1 UFO story of 2008. EXOPOLITICSRADIO.ORG was notified of the award by veteran broadcaster Jerry Pippin in a May 10, 2009 email statement, “We made your broadcast story on the discovery of life on Mars the top UFO event of 2008.”

In a 41-page paper dated Dec. 12, 2008, Washington State trial lawyer and environmental scholar Andrew D. Basiago sets out analysis and photographs identifying 3 species of humanoid beings, numerous species of animals, structures and statues on the surface of Mars. These photographs are images isolated by Andrew D. Basiago from within NASA rover Spirit photograph PIA 10214 , a composite photograph taken in November 2007 in the Columbia basin on Mars, and released public by NASA on its website in January 2008.

Mr. Basiago’s landmark paper, The Discovery of Life on Mars, can be downloaded free in PDF format at www.exopolitics.com and by clicking here.

The top 5 UFO stories of 2008 as chosen by Jerry Pippin include:

1. Life on Mars? NASA [rover Spirit] photos seem to show statues, totem poles and other evidence of life.

2. Needles UFO Crash or was it something from Black Ops?

3. Death of Mr. X- UFO whistle blower, who did a series of shows on top secret papers involving military knowledge of UFOs dies mysteriously in December.

4. Gary McKinnon, the UFO hacker battles extradition to the US for cyber terrorism - He just received a judicial review slated for Mid-March in his fight to stay in the UK

5. The Stephenville, Texas UFO sighting - UFOs near the Bush Vacation White House, hundreds see them.

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