Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba Delayed at Mexican/USA Border

Update: Caravanista Gerry Bill called at 5:24 pst, 7:24 Reynosa time, to say that the Mexican authorities had conceded and will allow the caravan to pass through Mexico without the need to pay the tourist fee. Gerry and others are now being driven, by Mexican supporters, back to the US/Mexico border where they'll pick up the rest of the caravanistas, spend the night in Reynosa, and begin the long drive to Tampico tomorrow morning. In Tampico, the 100+ tons of aid will be loaded onto shipping containers and the caravanistas will fly directly to Havana to spend a week in Cuba learning about their revolution.  


July 20th, 5:15 pm pst

Over 100 caravanistas, US-Americans, Canadians, and Europeans among them, are currently delayed at the Mexican border. From over 100 tons of humanitarian aid, US Customs and Border Patrol seized 7 computers as the caravan left the United States. The caravan continued across the border into Mexico anticipating that those stolen computers can be retrieved on the return journey.

But Mexican authorities are now attempting to enforce a law that requires tourists and travellers pay $22 each to visit their country, which would amount to about $2200 for the caravanistas. IFCO/Pastors for Peace Board Member, Fr. Luis Barrios, PhD, is negotiating with the Mexican authorities, arguing that Pastors for Peace have never paid this fee, they're not tourists, they're merely passing through the country with humanitarian aid destined for Cuba.

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

i have a vivid imagination

i hold fast to the crazily outrageous notion that one day all the good people of earth will realize the folly of their ways and simply give up consuming other sentient beings.  the evidence favouring a vegan lifestyle is irrefutable - it's better for the earth, it's better for the humans, it's definitely better for the animals.  there is no way to kill an animal that's humane.  regardless of how they die, they do die.  it's death.  people eat death.

not only do people regularly eat death, they adorn themselves with it.  quite frequently, without even being aware, they drink it.

i'll tell you a funny story.