Monday, December 5, 2011

fidel and che retrospective

why can't we have bike lanes?!

it seems someone got george to read the truth

citizen in the "greatest nation ... land of the free" going to jail for recording police violence

Fort Parker, the First Crow Indian Agency

My dear friends,

I am in need of your help for a very important program! The Extreme History Project is competing to win film making equipment and support for a documentary project. We REALLY need people to simply click on the link below and play the video. Each play of the video counts towards our winning this much needed equipment for a fabulous organization. Will you please help and forward this out to all your contacts and ask for their support? THANKS everyone, I know I can always count on you!

Shelley Bluejay Pierce

The Extreme History Project has been researching the history of Fort Parker, the First Crow Indian Agency and has been working with PBS Montana to create a documentary detailing the reservation period of the Crow Nation. The Extreme History Project has recieved a grant to film oral history interviews on the Crow reservation as a the foundation of the documentary. These interviews will interweave with the history of Fort Parker and the second agency near Absarokee Montana. This story is an important part of Montana history, but is generally unknown and untold. Its expression has enormous potential for awareness, understanding and healing. America's Indigenous peoples have suffered the historical trauma of this period for seven generations. It is time for this story to be told. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Naomi Klein speaks in Vancouver about poverty, the tar sands and Indigenous resistance to oil pipelines

Naomi Klein - interview with Occupy Vancouver from Ian MacKenzie on Vimeo.

what the frack?

Independent Community Television Presents: Face to Face with Fracking.

We talk to Ben Parfitt of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives about this latest Corporate insult to us and our planet. He explains what fracking is, and what is going on in BC and Canada.
It's the same old story; Big Business is behind it because there is 'money to be made'. The Corporate Media keeps it secret, so public anger is minimal, and the corporate politicians, both Liberal and NDP, support it. And the poisoning of everything continues ... just business as usual. When are we going to stop these lunatics?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

a healing circle from the people's assembly vancouver

Police pepper spraying and arresting students at UC Davis

From US Uncut:   

Lt. John Pike pepper sprays unarmed, seated, nonviolent UC Davis student protesters during a violent #Occupy crackdown. Call/skype/email him and his chief, ask what it feels like to violently oppress young American citizens peacefully expressing their constitutional rights to free assembly.

Work: 530-752-3989
Cell: 530-979-0184
Skype: japike3

Annette M. Spicuzza,
UC Davis Police Chief
(530) 752-3113

For more on this story click here.

david rovics' new song set to video thanks to chris chandler & jen

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Murder Inc.: Then as Now

by Terence Stone

As the Peoples Assembly Of Victoria gains confidence and leverage, despite the chess game the City of Victoria plays with the complicity of mainstream media to undermine it all, I’ve thought much about my own narratives in the larger story unfolding.

I declare myself a well-educated senior citizen who has led a relatively privileged life. I’m a counsellor by profession, but began my working career serving ten years in the British military, mostly overseas. We would receive week-old newspapers from the UK with reports of our military involvement during a decade of withdrawal from colonies too difficult to hold. The reports were all white, grey, or black propaganda—lies by any standard of truth-telling. We were in fact ensuring that dictatorships we could rely on to perpetuate British interest were installed and capable of taking control of colonial systems of power that were changed in name only by the proxy despots who would reap personal benefits as colonial middle-men.

Monday, November 7, 2011

People's Assembly of Victoria (Occupy Victoria) stays open

by Joan Russow

As one enters the People's Assembly (OccupyVictoria), there is a message written on at tent; declaring “War is Expensive, Peace is Priceless”. The supposed reason for closing down OccupyVictoria is to decorate the large redwood Christmas tree which has been cordoned off from the area of Occupy Victoria.. Ironically the usual Christmas slogan- “let there be peace on Earth, seems to be lost on the officials.

At high noon, the police had been instructed to close down Occupy Victoria. Just before noon  a few hundred people formed a circle and waited. Many were prepared to be arrested  and were given instructions about their rights.  Suddenly  there was an announcement that OccupyVictoria would not be closed  down today. I was told by one of the policemen in the area that there was to be reprieve for today. I asked him about tomorrow and he said he only follows orders- presumably from Council.

Will the Police cowardly slip in and close it down out of the view of the media and other citizens?

It appears in New York and Oakland the Occupied areas can stay open because  the officials recognize the Constitutional rights of citizens whereas, in Canada, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms does not appear to guarantee such rights.

Those opposed to the Occupy movement in Canada often cite the cost.but ignore the 35 billion cost of F 35 striker jets and 33 billion cost new vessels.

Today on CBC there was a discussion about closing down the Occupations.  Tom Flannigan a Harper cohort , stated they should have been removed long ago. He claimed freedom of speech does not include what he describes as  assembly. Judy asylcia – Leis, former, NDP cabinet Minister, said it was important to try to understand the movement  and if there was no danger to the public ….we should learn from the movement.

Chris Hall, the national affairs editor for CBC News, opined that the Occupiers message is scattered. Their message is being lost as time passes.

I think that there is a clear message from the occupied movement that everything is just wrong  which is a powerful message. The message is almost reminiscent of the Network film: “I am as mad as hell and I am not going to take this anymore”

I attempted to compile 95 items that I believe are just wrong and that must end – and there would be many more than 95. 

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION  about  People's assembly of Victoria  go to

photos by Janine Bandcroft available here.

months of resistance, still no corporate confessions

Sunday, November 6, 2011

back to the future ... until victory, forever!

RESOLUTION, Statement of Intent and Action for Decolonizing Victoria & Memorandum of solidarity and support with Indigenous peoples of this land and all Indigenous peoples in what is commonly known as British Columbia and Canada.

WHEREAS, that as a signal to the “Occupy Together” movement and Indigenous peoples here who have felt excluded by the colonialist language of occupation used to name this movement, we meet under the name: The Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria.

daylight savings time - white men's attempts to control the universe

Young woman, Ashley, dies at Occupy Vancouver People's Assembly

photo - October 16th, Chris Shaw and others at Occupy Vancouver's medical tent - by Janine Bandcroft

Within hours of Ashley’s unfortunate death November 5th, at last report an overdose of bad heroin injected in a tent at Occupy Vancouver, Mayor Gregor Robertson announced (via the corporate media that serves his ilk) his intention to order the camp dismantled.  Shortly thereafter, Victoria’s Mayor Dean Fortin parroted the call.

Once again the corporate media’s powerful thought control propaganda machine was successful in evoking the required pavlovian call to which so much numb grey matter responds, and the Twitter was glowing with loathing condemnation for the occupy encampment.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

the revolution will cross generations!

People's Assembly (Occupy Victoria) Statement of Purpose - to be discussed and possibly ratified Sunday Nov 6th

The Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria, 3 November 2011

RESOLUTION, Statement of Intent and Action for Decolonizing Victoria & Memorandum of solidarity and support with Indigenous peoples of this land and all Indigenous peoples in what is commonly known as British Columbia and Canada.

WHEREAS, that as a signal to the “Occupy Together” movement and Indigenous peoples here who have felt excluded by the colonialist language of occupation used to name this movement, we meet under the name: The Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria.

war vets join the revolution

Friday, November 4, 2011

blatant poor bashing - camping is tolerated for protest, but never for homeless

i'm guessing that the revolution in every city is challenged by the drug element

power to the mic check!

mayor dean's 2008 campaign promises

conan crew on wall street

Occupy the Language - The Song Remains the Same

by Janine Bandcroft.  photo of Billy Bob at Cridge Park, 2005, thanks to Pete Rockwell.

Remember back in 2005 when the Cridge Park homeless encampment was shut down by police and fire officials after it degenerated into a filthy prostitution and drug den?  That’s when many of us, who watch the street scene with caring eyes, realized a bit about how city politics works.  With a bit of help the camp could have succeeded.  It did succeed in providing a safe place for homeless people to gather, create community, and support each other.  After a couple of weeks, it began to attract some, shall I say, more difficult inhabitants.  And that’s when its troubles began.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

a letter to victoria's city council

i've been following, with great interest, the global people's revolution since it began in tunisia and egypt earlier this year.  i've also been an advocate in favour of simple living, and a big fan of creative and environmentally friendly solutions like portland's dignity village, for many years.  the people currently creating an inclusive community in spirit/centennial square ought to be applauded and supported for their courage and determination to create environmentally and economically sustainable ways to live in the world.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Homeless Man Enters Two Month Hunger Strike Against Camping By-laws

by Tavis Dodds

David Arthur Johnston was today sentenced to sixty days in jail for six counts of erecting a tent within the hours of seven and seven. The court heard how David's recent appeal was rejected on October 18th and David pled guilty for camping at the Centennial Square at City Hall with the Occupy Victoria movement of several dozen people that have been breaking the by-law for nearly a month. City lawyer Troy DeSouza argued for the maximum sentencing of six months and/or ten thousand dollars for each count of erecting a tent in the daytime. The judge said, before he gave his sentencing, that he enjoys camping and the fresh air.

paul manly's gone to the dark side

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Appropriating Public Lands For Private Purposes

Today I cycled to Sidney (1.25 hours with my trusty electronic bike) along the colourful autumn galloping goose trail, shared a mostly raw all vegan lunch with my octogenarian+ parental units, and convinced them that driving into Victoria to visit the People’s Assembly at Centennial Square would be a good idea.

We had intended to stop, on our way into town, at Mitchell’s Farm to pick up some fresh vegetables for the revolution, but the placed was packed with pumpkin pickers and we didn’t have a lot of time since I needed to eventually leave Sidney with enough time to cycle back into town before sundown.  We tried a couple of other local farms but they were both closed.  Nevermind, I suggested we could find out what they need and I’ll get it another day.  I was brought up with the understanding that sharing is a good thing, and it’s polite to bring something when dropping in for a visit.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Revolution: You know it ain’t easy

After working for systemic change by way of alternative media and personal lifestyle choices these many years, this activist concludes that the “occupy” revolution is best cheered from a distance.  While I wholeheartedly support, in theory, the horizontal, non-hierarchical consensus building process, and I know perfection is impossible, there’s something fundamentally important that is being ignored or dismissed.

I can’t help it, I cringe every time I hear the word “occupy.” 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Remembering September 11th, 2001

I remember where I was on the morning of September 11th 2001.  I hadn’t slept much that night or the previous, and early on September 11th I decided to cycle to Willows Beach.  It was a beautiful morning, and I sat on a bench watching the sunrise.  When I returned home, turned on the television, and saw what was happening in NYC I thought to myself, “well they’ve finally blown themselves up.”

As news quickly spread across the corporate media channels, the words al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden soon (some say suspiciously soon, preventing any alternate theories to emerge) became part of the popular lexicon.  The Big Lie, some call it.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

What did you do, while 1252 were arrested in DC for you?

Within the next two weeks I intend to use up, burn, consume, what is likely my second, or perhaps third, tank of gasoline this year. 

Whoa!  What kind of solidarity action is that?

Please let me reassure you … this is not some diabolical plot I’m undertaking, after so enthusiastically supporting the 1252 arrestees and many thousands (perhaps millions) of their friends, in an effort to prove I can be as shamefacedly two-faced as all those who like to pretend they’re something they’re not.  It’s just circumstantial.  Really.  Just a strange coincidence.

final count: 1252 arrested. final day: zero coverage on cbc tv news.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba Delayed at Mexican/USA Border

Update: Caravanista Gerry Bill called at 5:24 pst, 7:24 Reynosa time, to say that the Mexican authorities had conceded and will allow the caravan to pass through Mexico without the need to pay the tourist fee. Gerry and others are now being driven, by Mexican supporters, back to the US/Mexico border where they'll pick up the rest of the caravanistas, spend the night in Reynosa, and begin the long drive to Tampico tomorrow morning. In Tampico, the 100+ tons of aid will be loaded onto shipping containers and the caravanistas will fly directly to Havana to spend a week in Cuba learning about their revolution.  


July 20th, 5:15 pm pst

Over 100 caravanistas, US-Americans, Canadians, and Europeans among them, are currently delayed at the Mexican border. From over 100 tons of humanitarian aid, US Customs and Border Patrol seized 7 computers as the caravan left the United States. The caravan continued across the border into Mexico anticipating that those stolen computers can be retrieved on the return journey.

But Mexican authorities are now attempting to enforce a law that requires tourists and travellers pay $22 each to visit their country, which would amount to about $2200 for the caravanistas. IFCO/Pastors for Peace Board Member, Fr. Luis Barrios, PhD, is negotiating with the Mexican authorities, arguing that Pastors for Peace have never paid this fee, they're not tourists, they're merely passing through the country with humanitarian aid destined for Cuba.

leon rosselson @ vancouver folk fest 2011

emmanuel jal, child soldier, final concert vancouver folk fest 2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011

i have a vivid imagination

i hold fast to the crazily outrageous notion that one day all the good people of earth will realize the folly of their ways and simply give up consuming other sentient beings.  the evidence favouring a vegan lifestyle is irrefutable - it's better for the earth, it's better for the humans, it's definitely better for the animals.  there is no way to kill an animal that's humane.  regardless of how they die, they do die.  it's death.  people eat death.

not only do people regularly eat death, they adorn themselves with it.  quite frequently, without even being aware, they drink it.

i'll tell you a funny story.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Freedom Flotilla II is about to sail!

Support the 2011 Summer Gaza Flotilla and Kevin Neish

Rally at the Victoria Tourist Information Booth
(on the inner harbour)
2 PM Saturday June 25
Bring posters, noise makers, banners, flags, etc.

Kevin Neish, from Victoria, is on the Canadian Boat, the TAHRIR,  ready to sail.  Israel has made dire threats from dropping dogs onto the boats to using snipers to shoot the unarmed people on the boats. For more info contact

Thursday, June 2, 2011