Monday, December 5, 2011

fidel and che retrospective

why can't we have bike lanes?!

it seems someone got george to read the truth

citizen in the "greatest nation ... land of the free" going to jail for recording police violence

Fort Parker, the First Crow Indian Agency

My dear friends,

I am in need of your help for a very important program! The Extreme History Project is competing to win film making equipment and support for a documentary project. We REALLY need people to simply click on the link below and play the video. Each play of the video counts towards our winning this much needed equipment for a fabulous organization. Will you please help and forward this out to all your contacts and ask for their support? THANKS everyone, I know I can always count on you!

Shelley Bluejay Pierce

The Extreme History Project has been researching the history of Fort Parker, the First Crow Indian Agency and has been working with PBS Montana to create a documentary detailing the reservation period of the Crow Nation. The Extreme History Project has recieved a grant to film oral history interviews on the Crow reservation as a the foundation of the documentary. These interviews will interweave with the history of Fort Parker and the second agency near Absarokee Montana. This story is an important part of Montana history, but is generally unknown and untold. Its expression has enormous potential for awareness, understanding and healing. America's Indigenous peoples have suffered the historical trauma of this period for seven generations. It is time for this story to be told. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Naomi Klein speaks in Vancouver about poverty, the tar sands and Indigenous resistance to oil pipelines

Naomi Klein - interview with Occupy Vancouver from Ian MacKenzie on Vimeo.

what the frack?

Independent Community Television Presents: Face to Face with Fracking.

We talk to Ben Parfitt of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives about this latest Corporate insult to us and our planet. He explains what fracking is, and what is going on in BC and Canada.
It's the same old story; Big Business is behind it because there is 'money to be made'. The Corporate Media keeps it secret, so public anger is minimal, and the corporate politicians, both Liberal and NDP, support it. And the poisoning of everything continues ... just business as usual. When are we going to stop these lunatics?