Wednesday, February 27, 2013

From Idle No More to the Indigenous Nationhood Movement - from a child of white settler perspective

After attending last night’s INM gathering last night (From Idle No More to the Indigenous Nationhood Movement) I think I need a Children of White Settler support group.  It was intense. After only a couple of hours listening to personal stories, the emotional rollercoaster that moved me from sadness and guilt, to a sense of relief, and back again and all around left me exhausted. 

I didn’t know that a trench 30 ft wide and 80 ft deep known as the St. Lawrence Seaway  was built on top of Taiaiake Alfred’s family homes, forcing thousands of years of ancestral history to suddenly take a radical turn. Taiaiake (a Kahnawake Mohawk and Professor of Indigenous Governance at UVic) reminded us how important it is to protect the wilderness now, before it’s too late. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Blockadia Rising - why we care

Dakota 38 - a history lesson

Idle No More - it's for all of us

Racist sentiments and accusations are surfacing, now that the Idle No More Movement has gained momentum and finally some focus from the corporate and state media. No big surprise ... this country’s history is steeped in racism.

 John A. MacDonald wrote, in 1870: “These impulsive half-breeds … must be kept down by a strong hand until they are swamped by the influx of settlers.”

I did not ask to be born into this colonialist mess. I’m not of First Nations heritage but I’m here - a first generation Canadian with a strong love for the earth, doing what I can to live gently, with compassion and understanding.

Monday, February 11, 2013

breaking copper shaming ceremony at bc legislature

an ancient shaming tradition of the kwakwaka'wakw peoples was performed yesterday at the bc legislature, after chief beau dick walked from alert bay to perform it. more information here.