Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mickey Z. on Food Justice, GMOs, & the Vegan Option

"let's recap: almost all "food" is genetically modified. most of it is fed to the 53 billion doomed land animals that are eating up 1/3 of the planet's land surface in an industry that is the #1 source of human created greenhouse gases. so, needless to say, veganism and animal rights is a little bit more than tofu recipes … it's more even than barbarism like veal crates, vivisection, battery cages, slaughter houses, whaling ships, carriage horses, dog fight rings, fur farms, zoos, circuses and rodeos. it directly or indirectly connects to corporate welfare, overfishing, species extinction, the healthcare crisis, habitat loss, immigration issues, workplace justice, deforestation, climate change and gmos. most of all … going vegan is more than just occupying a boycott, changing your diet, or making a new lifestyle choice. it's the surrendering of a privilege, the privilege is called "specisism." and anytime you voluntarily surrender a privilege, it is an act of revolution … you're aiming for total liberation, recognizing that animals are not property, they are not products, and they are not commodities."