Thursday, November 3, 2011

a letter to victoria's city council

i've been following, with great interest, the global people's revolution since it began in tunisia and egypt earlier this year.  i've also been an advocate in favour of simple living, and a big fan of creative and environmentally friendly solutions like portland's dignity village, for many years.  the people currently creating an inclusive community in spirit/centennial square ought to be applauded and supported for their courage and determination to create environmentally and economically sustainable ways to live in the world.

i was disappointed to hear that the city has chosen to cut off their power and water, and proceed with building a skating rink.  it's a very slick public relations move indeed, you'll be able to use the corporate media to convince the comfortably unaware public that the people's assembly has run its course and must soon be shut down, without actually making any effort towards the systemic changes we're demanding.  it's not a favourable move for those of us who quest for freedom and justice, however, and it won't play well in the global independent media that's covering in-depth the concerns and demands of the people's revolution.

i'm also very disappointed to hear that the city has again ordered david johnston's arrest, and am saddened to think he'll be spending his christmas holidays in prison, far away from his two young children.

as we approach the election it's clear who's giving lip service to the people's assembly, and who really understands and supports the need for significant systemic change.

janine bandcroft