Sunday, August 1, 2010

i have no idea what you're talking about

Germaine Greer was on television tonight. I'm not sure I remember what I've read of Germaine Greer's, but I have the good sense (and I’ve paid enough money) to know that she's well regarded in feminist circles.

I’d probably never have known she was on tv, because I don’t watch that channel, but I share an apartment with someone who not only blogs incessantly but appreciates the entertainment value of both “Hardball” and “Wipe Out.” And so I was informed of Germaine's presence.

She was speaking about feminism. Her idea of it. Answering questions from a man, with his own opinions. (He's entitled to those, I suppose.)

I was thinking about the radical difference between estrogen inspired creation and that which testosterone inspires.

IE: Germaine said “A woman is a hippy thing.”

In fact, as far as I can discern, she was talking about young girls and their obsessions with their bodies and how they starve themselves to be thin and attractive. In reality what Germaine said was - girls are "hippie" (or hippy, or however you spell it).

I think she meant that evolution (or whatever) has provided women with the ability to offer birth.

It's all about the babies.

I thought about how, if someone had just tuned in to the show (perhaps they also have friends with such television awareness), they might think Germaine was referring to the 60s when in fact she was lamenting the fact that things have changed, but they haven't changed much.

The babies suck. Interpret that.

I have no idea what you’re talking about.