Wednesday, December 1, 2010

maybe there's hope for the species after all

we may not survive much beyond the current generation, considering the rate the planet is being destroyed for profit, but today i watched a team of people escort blind kenny (who spent three months in the hospital after his partner of 42 years died) into his new home.  it gave me hope.

kenny's small one bedroom apartment is furnished, and barb from the cnib showed him around it.  he'll have a lifeline bracelet, so if anything happens to him staff will be instantly alerted.  the building is one of many baptist housing projects around town (almost makes me a believer ... in people, at least), it's subsidized, they provide sheets and towels, meals, and social activities.  there are small amounts of furniture in kenny's apartment and he said, repeatedly as he was being shown around it, "i'm gonna live like a king!"

kenny knows that he's got to be careful who he lets into the building.  the supervisor told me "we're willing to give him a chance," and said she felt he'll be a welcome addition to the building because of his sparkly personality.

it doesn't take much to change a person's life.  click here for photos.