Wednesday, February 16, 2011

no extreme weather shelter mats tonight in victoria bc canada

it's 5 degrees C in victoria, according to environment canada, with a predicted low of 1 degree. windy, with a chance of thundershowers and snow at high elevations.  emergency shelters not available tonight.  good luck out there.


Hello All,

The EWP is no longer in effect.  Please refer people to the following emergency shelters:

Rock Bay Landing - 535 Ellice Street - 250-383-1951 - 84 beds (women and men)
Sandy Merriman - 809 Burdett Ave - 250-480-1408 - 25 beds (women only)
Salvation Army ARC - 525 Johnson St. - 250-384-3396 - 21 beds (men only)
Out of the Rain (St Andrew's Presbyterian - 680 Courtney) - 250-415-3856 - 30 Mats ( Co-ed youth 15-25 only)

***Just a reminder to inform clients and staff that they can always go to the website ( to check the status of the shelters in Victoria.***

Jen Book
Regional Coordinator
Greater Victoria Extreme Weather Protocol
CELL: 250.896.4012