Friday, February 11, 2011

what victory means ... by tweeter Marwa Elnaggar

A friend & I are making a list of what #Egypt victory means: 1. We no longer have to refrain from drinking water all day!

 victory means: 2. No lugging backpacks stuffed with everything we may need around again!

 victory means: 3. No more thugs!

victory means: 4. No more tear gas

 victory means: No more fear that someone will bomb us all to pieces.

victory means: 6. no more upset tummy night before & morning of going down to the street

victory means: 7. No more trying to fit ridiculous hardhat in overstuffed backpack.

victory means: 8. No more getting arrested under ridiculous circumstances.

victory means: 9. No more trying to hide your extra mobile phone and hoping it won't ring when you are arrested.

victory means: No more wondering: will today be thug day, tear gas day, rock day, or blowing us all into smithereens day?

victory means: No more Mom telling me to put tough cardboard in my backpack to buffer rubber bullets or thugs' sticks.

victory means: No more dressing in a dozen layers (so if police/thugs tear off clothes, there's always another layer).

victory means: I can finally wear my contact lenses again when I go out.

victory means: No more wondering if the guy walking behind me is a thug or police about to beat or kidnap me.

victory means: I can carry the Egyptian flag without getting worried about getting arrested.

victory means: not worrying about getting arrested/detained/kidnapped by police & no one finding out

victory means: Not having to make sure I go out with a group because then it's harder to get kidnapped/arrested/detained

victory: My family abroad don't have to ask me to send them a picture of myself or tweet before I leave home (just in case).

victory means: Mom no longer needs to worry about my brother getting killed when it's his turn to neighborhood-watch

victory means: No longer worrying about ending up a number on the news (of those killed/injured/detained/missing).

victory means: Not having to wonder how close the gunshots I hear are to home.