Sunday, May 8, 2011

remembering debbie norton, street newz vendor - may 14th

For All who knew Debora Norton,

I share this information regarding a service that  I'll conduct for Deb Norton on Saturday, May 14 at 2pm at James Bay United Church 511 Michigan.

All are welcome to attend the service to give Deb the send off that she deserves. There will be an opportunity for persons to share their thoughts about Deb .  No get together after the service has been planned.

This is what Rev Larry Scott had written that I will read out on his behalf at the service.

"I first got to know Debbie Norton through her then participation in the church choir.  Over time she would keep me informed about various developments in her life.  Prior to her getting her own space, she needed a safe place to store a number of her paintings.  The storage locker at my condo seemed to serve the purpose nicely. Over time she was able to negotiate her way through better government support services, and she was able to move into a nice apartment. This also meant that she finally had room for her paintings again. It was exciting when the day came when I got invited to accompany Deb to an art show that featured some of her works. Unfortunately her new location was no longer in the James Bay community and it was more of an effort for her to come to church.  This was particularly a challenge after she received her cancer diagnosis and had surgery, as well as treatments. Nevertheless, Debbie persevered with the new reality, just as she had persevered all her life long.  I will always remember her courage to face whatever comes, and her independence in being her own person.  I join all those who knew her, in celebrating the open and genuine manner in which she gave herself to friends and members of Victoria's street community. God has welcomed home a daughter, as God welcomes each of us."           Larry Scott


Rev Ken Crassweller
James Bay United Church