Tuesday, November 23, 2010

International Day of Action to Stop Killer Coke's Labor & Human Rights Abuses, Saturday, December 11, 2010

Be part of an International Day of Action broadcast worldwide via www.justin.tv at and mirrored on LaborTech 2010

On the International Day of Action, there will be 24 hours of programming on the "Stop Killer Coke" streaming channel. The programming will include interviews, protests, music and discussion throughout the world and it will be broadcast at the LaborTech 2010 conference being held at the University of San Francisco. The programming will be integrated with the conference and the channel will be embedded in other channels throughout the world.

Actions will take place around the world in solidarity with Coke workers and their families who have been systematically intimidated, kidnapped, tortured and murdered in many countries including Colombia and Guatemala (see "Coke's Crimes By Country" at http://www.KillerCoke.org).

As part of LaborTech.net, actions around the world will also be broadcast live on Labortech.net and on other portals. If you are going to have an event in solidarity with Coke workers on December 11, 2010 or want to upload an event you have had please contact LaborTech.net for information on how to do this.

We will have a schedule of streamed events and it will be broadcast on www.justin.tv at and mirrored on LaborTech.net and other sites around the world. Contact info@brightpathvideo.com or info@labortech.net for further info on how to stream your event on this international day of action.

Also, contact us at info@KillerCoke.org to inform us of your plans to participate.http://killercoke.org