Friday, November 5, 2010

mayor dean fortin's house and car vandalized

this email was forwarded from pete rockwell, who also provided photos and audio:

Sometime during the night unknown parties spray painted “72," and "PG” on Victoria Mayor DeanFortin’s Victor St home and “ACAB”, along with a broken window, on the car in the driveway. Early this morning a “communiqué” signed PG72, was e-mailed, apparently, to police and various media. It read:


Mayor Fortin's Home Attacked


The City has declared war on the poor, and we're fighting back!
On the morning of Friday November 5th, militants painted three
messages for Victoria mayor Dean Fortin on his 2526 Victor St.
house and car: "PG" (in reference to the street community
legislated off Pandora Green), "72" (for the 72 shelter beds cut in
Victoria this week), and "ACAB" (All Cops Are Bastards - including
bylaw officers who beat street people). Fatcat Fortin was also left
with a shattered window and shattered middle class peace.

If Fuckhead Fortin whines about the "violence" inflicted upon his
property, we'll counter that he should instead reflect upon thefact that his own policies inflict violence and hardship on
Victoria's street community every day. Cops regularly brutalize
homeless campers, trash their tent homes and confiscate their
sleeping bags. Now there are 72 new homeless in Victoria created
by government policy, but they're not allowed to sleep in the
safety of their community and street lights on Pandora Green. Where
the fuck are people going to go? The "progressive" Fortin's
outrageously cruel and callous policies are HURTING people and
destroying lives. These fascists really want to "take care" of the
"homeless problem" by killing off the street population, and what
better time to do it than in winter? No shelter beds + nowhere tocamp + no site for safe drug consumption + welfare cuts = hardship,
disease and death.

It's time to take the fight directly to the pig politicians and
give them a taste of their own medicine. You wanna keep kicking the
shit out of us, so we're gonna fight back and fuck you up.

In Love And Rage,

Mayor Fortin left his home around 8:45 AM without comment, getting into a waiting polic
e car, and being driven away. Police and a few neighbors milled around the mayors residence along with reporters and videographers in the mornings drizzle. No timeline has been established and no particular suspects have been identified according to acting sergeant Wade Murray.

Pete Rockwell