Friday, November 5, 2010

my response to lisa cordasco, from the cbc, who asked my opinion about dean's house....

speaking as janine bandcroft, NOT as representing a collective street newz voice:

it's true that mayor dean has really disappointed a lot of people who hoped he'd actually address concerns from the most vulnerable among us, as he promised while he was campaigning. i understand city council is making some effort to create some affordable housing, but there are approximately 1200 homeless people in victoria, it's winter, and there's a lot of anger out there about the new bylaw that criminalizes homeless people who camp overnight on the pandora green, near the services they need to survive, and also the closing of about 72 shelter beds, plus food services, just in time for another canadian winter. it's not fun watching your friends die on the streets while there are so many empty buildings, so many creative solutions being rejected by this city council. so while i understand the anger, i don't personally feel that vandalism is a tactic that's going to result in anything other than more policing, and unfortunately it might even result in some police being more violent and less sympathetic towards homeless people.