Friday, November 19, 2010

would you feel comfortable living next to this?

i live in the building this pole is leaning towards.

we get really strong winds (especially since bear mountain was clearcut), and there's talk of snow this weekend. i fear it's only a matter of time before the winds and/or snow cause this pole to crash into the building.

during the summer bc hydro was on our street and in our neighbourhood, propping up and replacing other poles. i figured they'd notice this leaning pole, with the heavy transmitters on top of it, but when they didn't return to do anything about this one i sent an email, and was told bc hydro doesn't forward emails. so i called the number they gave me and officially registered my concerns. i know at least one neighbour in the building who has also done this. more than once.

if this pole crashes, and i and my neighbours are injured or killed, i hope there's a lawyer who will help us sue their asses (in this life or the next).